Financial Peace: The Basics

I’m reading a chapter of a book each night and earlier this week I read (actually, I reread) a chapter from Dave Ramsey’s book, Financial Peace.

I read this for the first time back in 2009 and I’m going through it again using the Planner Workbook.

Here are two key takeaways from Chapter 3:

  1. Money is ACTIVE
  2. Money is AMORAL

So what do these really mean?

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What’s in a Name?

Early Cooking

Cooking in the Campus Apartments at UNC-Chapel Hill.

As far as I can recall, “Fix-It With Fran” was born in 2008 (The timestamped photo supports that theory).

At some point during my grad school career, my office administrator started calling me “Fix-It Fran.”  Every time something happened in the office, particularly with plants, she jokingly said, “It’s time for Fix-It With Fran.”

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