About Fix-It Fran

A woman on a mission, walking in her purpose, growing in her giftings.


Fix-It Fran is a New Orleanian by way of North Carolina and a two-year stay in Mississippi.

Prophetess, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Novice Chef, Full-Time Social Worker, Public Administrator, Clinical Advisor, Consultant, Blogger & Selectively-Sociable Introvert– her blog is a reflection of her many thoughts at any given time.

Fix-it With Fran is the manifestation of a purpose God placed in her at birth.
There are so many hurting people in this world that need guidance and useful information to help them “fix” things in their lives. She knows, because she is one of them.

At the heart of her blog is her love for people and connecting her daily activities to her faith.

She shares various ideas and insights on her blog to also let the world know that people of faith are just like “regular people”– we like to have fun, we enjoy good food, and we care about our families; Yet, for us, all of these elements are centered around one thing– our faith in Jesus Christ.

As much as she enjoys “fixing” things, she understands that she can’t fix everything; But, she knows the One who can and is committed to sharing her truth and introducing others to the mender of broken hearts.

While she loves DIY projects, she loves God more.

Interestingly enough, many of her revelations come from things God reveals to her through the crafts, projects, and product reviews she works on.

She truly believes that God has given us all unique giftings and talents that can fix many of the problems that exist in the world today.

One person may not be able to fix everything, but with God’s direction and our individual connections to our God-given purposes– we can all FIX SOMETHING.

The site is still under development, and there may be grammatical errors in some of the posts (I write them on the go and often from my phone 🙈🙊) but the topics will be grouped as follows– in a mix of DIY style posts and devotionals:

  • Faith
  • Cooking (Fran’s Fixings)
  • Home Repair
  • Decorating
  • Fitness
  • Family (Relationships & Marriage)
  • Fun
  • Finances
  • Frugal Finds
  • Freebies (Couponing & Deal Alerts)
  • Flowers/Gardening
  • Firsts

Only God knows where this will go, but here’s looking forward to the journey!

Thanks for stopping by–now go fix something!

Early Cooking

Cooking in the Campus Apartments at UNC-Chapel Hill.



2 thoughts on “About Fix-It Fran

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! 💖😄 This is the first time I’ve been nominated for any type of award and it is TRULY a compliment! Thank you for being an active part of my little blogging community 💖💗🤗

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