3 Tips for Saving on Christmas Clearance


This post is almost reaching the point of becoming outdated, but I promised I would publish it this week and I didn’t share these tips last year, so I’m going to keep my word ๐Ÿ™‚ . Even still, there are a good number of stores that still haveย clearance items out for sale, so this may help a someย of you!

Earlier this month, I went out and picked up a few clearance items of my own. ย I’m shopping small this year. VERY SMALL. ย I purchased 16 items for a total of ย $14.12 (before tax) and a savings of $55.26. ย I believe I have a photo of my receipt from 2014 floating around here somewhere. ย I’ll do a longer strategy post next year and recap that haul. ย (Stay tuned).

My local Wal-Mart had their items marked down toย 75 percent off on the day I visited so they may be at 80 or even 90 percent off to get that final push before clearing the holiday inventory. Here’s a copy of my receipt!


There are threeย simple rules I follow when it comes to holiday clearance shopping. No matter what the holiday is, the rules remain consistent.

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Learn How to Cook Healthy Recipes Without Breaking the Bank

Are you looking to do more healthy cooking in the New Year?

I’ve seen lots of posts and conversations about adopting new eating plans.

I told you a bit about my Low-Carb eating, and how I use Pinterest and Home Chef, but I like to switch it up when it comes to “Healthy Eating” because I can easily get bored and that will leave me open to unhealthy habits.

It’s always fun to look at new cookbooks, but those books AREN’T CHEAP!

So, how can you save on their costs?

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A Discounted Bundle of JOY!

Barlando_Chevron_Boy_Baby_Blanket_Review On FixItWithFran

Are you an expecting/new mom?

Do you know one?

Are you in the market for aย baby shower gift?

I recently reviewed this blanket and I love everything about it:

The size is perfect to cover a carseat or use while holding your little one, the colors are rich and vivid, and the material is SUPER soft!

The BEST thing about this review, is that I received a discount code to share with my followers:

Here’s the link to the product:

The review code is “BERLANDO” (without the quotation marks).

This will give you a 15% discount on the chevron blue and gray blanket.

Please let me know what you think of the blanket if you decide to purchase it!

I hope to have more discounts to share with you soon!


Until next time, GO FIX SOMETHING! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sweets for My Sweetheart — The Semi-Homemade Way!

This muffin pan kit arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day! ย My husband is a pretty simple man, all he desired for Valentine’s Day was his favorite dessert: Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing! Our schedule was jam packed, so I used one of my “semi-homemade” recipes (Cake mix with a little something extra– read through the post to get my baking tip). ย The cupcake pan is super cute and I loved that this really came with everything you’d need to make cupcakes (short of a bowl and the ingredients).

The liners were attractive and of good quality and I was able to support the pan with a simple cookie sheet or you could choose to use a shallow baking dish or a pizza pan if you don’t have a cookie sheet in your baking collection. ย This would be a cute gift to send to a college student or a friend for a “galentines day” token of appreciation. ย Overall, I was very happy with this item.

Here’s my “Semi-Homemade” Baking Tip:ย  I use Betty Crocker Super Moist Butter Recipe Yellow Cake Mix cake when I’m in a pinch– and to make it taste closer to homemade, I add in a box of Vanilla Jello Pudding— nothing extra– just make the cake according to the cake box directions.

The pudding really does make a difference!ย  You’ll thank me later!


A NOSE by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

My nose is still a nose by name, but it’s a “whole new creation” — if you will.

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d undergone surgery to correct some sinus issues. Long story short, after years of allergy issues, I was diagnosed with what my Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist called “Sinus Disease” — something I’d never heard of before. Basically, my frequentย sinus infections and reoccurring bouts of sinusitis had damaged the lining of my sinus cavities and made me more likely to get sick with any change in the weather or my surroundings. ย 2015 was a long year, but in the month since my surgery I’m feeling much better — My breathing has improved, my sense of taste is heightened, and my husband and close friends swear that my voice has changed!

At first I didn’t agree with them, but after listening to and comparing some of my old and new podcast recordings– I do hear a difference in my voice– That’s SO CRAZY!!!

Another unexpected benefit of my surgery was that it got me into the habit of using an aroma diffuser in our living room and bedrooms. My post surgery instructions recommended using a humidifier/diffuser to keep the air moisturized and in-turn keep my sinus cavities moisturized to aid in healing. ย I’d received an aroma diffuser to review and these oils from Simply Earth prior to my surgery, so this was really the perfect opportunity to aid my healing and make the shift toward using more green products in our home.

I love having air fresheners and candles to add pleasantย scents to each room in our home, but I’m learning more and more that most commercial fresheners aren’t friendly to allergy suffers and contain a number of ingredients that aren’t the most healthy things in the world (I’m not getting into the chemistry of this, but if you do a quick google search, I’m sure you’ll find lots to read).

I’m very pleased with the oils I received to review and plan to order more. They’re 100% Pure, Non-Toxic, Have No Additives, and are Unfiltered and Undiluted with No Fillers.ย ย Now, it’s my nightly routine to add a few drops of the lemon oil to my diffuser along with some lavender oil and I sleep through the night (Lemon and Lavender are natural antihistamines and it’s suggested thatย lavender oil induces sleep). ย I use the peppermint in in our living room while I’m working at home (Peppermint is said toย stimulate the hippocampus area of the brain which controls mental clarity and memory. The aromaย prompts you to wake up and pay attention.)

If you’re looking for healthier, “greener” options for your home, I’d highly recommend giving essential oils a try! ย These are more affordable than most and the company donatesย 13% of their proceeds toย organizations working to end human trafficking.