Fran’s Favorites: Blueberry Coffee

One of my new favorites is this Wild Blueberry Coffee I found from Green Mountain Coffee Company. The coffee is Fair Trade Certified (TM) and is unlike any other coffee I’ve yet to taste.

I came across the flavor as a result of a free sample I received.  I have a Keurig and sign up for various freebies because K-cups can get EXPENSIVE.

Wild Mountain Blueberry

When I saw the flavor, I didn’t expect to like it– AT ALL.

But, I was pleasantly surprised.  My husband is the real coffee drinker, and recently added some International Delight Caramel Latte Creamer to the cart during our last shopping trip.

One Touch Caramel Latte

I decided to add the coffee to a cup of the blueberry brew and the result was heavenly.

I don’t have a “set recipe” for the coffee I prepared, but I’m a Café au lait type of girl, so I added in milk and a bit of sugar before adding the creamer.  All together, it was Delicious!

I recently enjoyed a cup with another one of my new mugs that I received to review.

Francinia Mug Demo.png

This mug was customized to include my name (something I can never find) and I have to give them hat’s off for customer service.  I accidentally completed the order with the sample name and they corrected the issue before the item ever shipped out.  I’d call than an awesome response time and attention to care.

Here’s a picture of what the mug looks like in person.  True to size and style.
I adore personalized items/gifts and they’re even better when they arrive as described/shown on the product website! This mug is too cute and the enamel is perfectly sealed!

Francinia Mug

I’m sure there are coupons availible online for both the K-Cups and the Creamer. I’ll add links in the comments if anyone is interested in either item.

Here’s a link to where you can order your own customized mug. 🙂

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