Learn How to Cook Healthy Recipes Without Breaking the Bank

Are you looking to do more healthy cooking in the New Year?

I’ve seen lots of posts and conversations about adopting new eating plans.

I told you a bit about my Low-Carb eating, and how I use Pinterest and Home Chef, but I like to switch it up when it comes to “Healthy Eating” because I can easily get bored and that will leave me open to unhealthy habits.

It’s always fun to look at new cookbooks, but those books AREN’T CHEAP!

So, how can you save on their costs?

1. Check out the used books on Amazon:

I do the bulk of my shopping online and that includes shopping for books.

If you’ve never looked at the used books selection on Amazon, you may want to give it a try the next time you’re looking for more books (cookbooks or any other books).

I’ll admit, if you’re not sure where to look it can be easy to miss the like new/used books that are available for sale.  I’ve included a few screen shots:

In this first photo, you’ll see the price difference between a new book and a used copy. Amazon does a good job of placing the new prices up high where you can see them right across from the “Add to Cart” option.

You have to scroll down a little bit to see the used books. Even then, they’re going to lead you to purchase the used book that falls under the prime option. Don’t fall for the trap.

Open up the drop down menu and look for other used books.  Sometimes you can pay for shipping and still come out better than you would if you purchased the “free shipping” prime option.  (I say that and I’m an Amazon Prime member, so I’m just keeping it 100%).


Here’s what I mean.  Proof from my own order that I placed back in January of 2015.

I found a used copy of this book that was practically brand new.  I scrolled through the used listings and found a copy for 99 cents.

YES. 99 cents.

Even with $3.99 shipping, this was better than the Prime offer at the time and I was in no hurry to receive the book so the expected delivery time was fine by me.

I also pay attention to the seller’s reviews and the description of the condition of the book. I have had occassion where I’ll pay more for a book with a better description and a higher seller rating (we’re talking a few cents more), but that’s just my personal preference. Sometimes it doesn’t make that much of a difference.


2. Look for used books at your local Goodwill:

If you’re a person that would prefer to give your used books a hands on inspection before making the decision to buy, you should take a trip to your local thrift-store.

There are a number in my area, but Goodwill is one of my favorites because my local store is relatively close by and the store is well-managed.

I purchased some great cook books and saved a good bit.  For example, this Win at Weight Loss Cookbook by Betty Crocker can retail for $24.95, but I found it for $2.99 at my local Goodwill.

It’s in perfect condition.  No rips, stains, smells. Nothing.

My copy. With the $2.99 sticker tags!  Ha!

That’s my Tuesday thrifting tip.  If you’re looking for books to support your new year goals– be they cooking, physical fitness, financial fitness, or anything else– check out the used items on Amazon or a local thrift or discount store.  Amazon Wholesale is also a great option.

Please let me know how this works out for you!  If you’ve had your own success with Amazon’s Wholesale store  or buying Used/Like New items from Amazon or your local thrift store, please share your story in the comments– I love hearing a good thrifting win!  🙂

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