3 Tips for Saving on Christmas Clearance


This post is almost reaching the point of becoming outdated, but I promised I would publish it this week and I didn’t share these tips last year, so I’m going to keep my word ūüôā . Even still, there are a good number of stores that still have¬†clearance items out for sale, so this may help a some¬†of you!

Earlier this month, I went out and picked up a few clearance items of my own. ¬†I’m shopping small this year. VERY SMALL. ¬†I purchased 16 items for a total of ¬†$14.12 (before tax) and a savings of $55.26. ¬†I believe I have a photo of my receipt from 2014 floating around here somewhere. ¬†I’ll do a longer strategy post next year and recap that haul. ¬†(Stay tuned).

My local Wal-Mart had their items marked down to¬†75 percent off on the day I visited so they may be at 80 or even 90 percent off to get that final push before clearing the holiday inventory. Here’s a copy of my receipt!


There are three simple rules I follow when it comes to holiday clearance shopping. No matter what the holiday is, the rules remain consistent.

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