Book Review: The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

One of my passions is working with Children and Families, so I am always reading parenting books and the like.

I’ve recently returned to the Maternal and Child Health realm and completed training to become a Certified Doula.  As a result, I and will probably be sharing more pregnancy, birth, and baby related product and book reviews on the blog as opportunities present themselves.   This should be fun! 🙂

In case you didn’t know, today is the release date for The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Here’s the Publisher’s Description of the Book: Mama Natural Book Review on Fix It With Fran_com

The Mama Natural’s Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth is the modern (and yet ancient) approach to pregnancy and childbirth. “Natural” recognizes that pregnancy and birth are normal, and that having a baby is a wondrous biological process and rite of passage—not a medical condition. This book draws upon the latest research showing how beneficial and life-changing natural birth is for both babies and moms.

Full of weekly advice and tips for a healthy pregnancy, Howland details vital nutrition to take, natural remedies for common and troublesome symptoms, as well as the appropriate (and inappropriate) use of interventions.

The author also details natural steps and exposes “alternative facts”:

-Pregnancy nutrition

-Performing a toxic sweep of your home

-Natural remedies for pregnancy ailments (from sore breasts to morning sickness and more)

-Tips on how best to set yourself up for an intervention-free labor and delivery

-Appropriate (and inappropriate) use of interventions

-Routine tests and screenings (which ones you actually need versus which you might want to steer clear of)

-Birth team picks (midwife, doula, obstetrician)

Peppered throughout are positive birth and pregnancy stories from women of all backgrounds (and all stages of their natural journey) along with advice and insights from a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) plus a Registered Nurse (RN), doula, and lactation consultant. Encouraging, well-researched, and fun, The Mama Natural’s Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth will be an essential companion for women everywhere to embrace natural pregnancy and reap all the benefits for both baby and mama.

Fix-It Fran’s Review:

My first run-in with Mama Natural took place on Pinterest.  We’ll call it an e-meeting of sorts.  I’m always pinning useful information for later and Mama Natural has LOTS of it!

Prior to reviewing this book, I completed the Mama Natural Birth Course as part of my Doula Certification work and it is also– AMAZING

Mama Natural Book Review on Fix It With Fran_com
I received an e-copy of the book to review and I LOVED IT:

  1. First and foremost, I love rich color and an easy to read text— this book had all of that.
  2. PhotoGrid_1493128300270Secondly, It has great illustrations— and not just the typical diagrams you would
    expect to see in a pregnancy planning book.  There are illustrations of the author and her spouse, example mothers, some of the diagrams you would expect, and even illustrations of sample meals that one might try to prepare to switch up their weekly routine.  I would also like to highlight here that the images are drawn illustrations– not just photographs (though I’m not opposed to photos)– that gave it a really personal touch to me.  If you read a good number of these books, you become accstomed to seeing certain photos and images and this was a nice change of pace.
  3. It includes a week-by-week  guide to pregnancy and childbirth from a natural perspective. I shared a bit of my personal testimony of wanting to eliminate as many commercial medications and medical interventions as possible in one of my older posts.  It is important to me that I seek out knowledge to prepare myself for a natural pregnancy and to support my friends and family who are currently having babies and who desire to do so naturally.  KNOWLEDGE is POWER!
  4. PhotoGrid_1493128489319Her week-by-week tips include some of the most practical and helpful information I’ve seen.  It was like having all of the best Pinterst Pins in one place! There are recipes, affirmations, and useful tips — like how to use your existing wardrobe throughout pregnancy and when/how to decide if any items are worth adding to your collection.
  5. The book doesn’t stop at the week-by-week tips and advice for during pregnancy, it also includes labor and post partum and one part that I thought was very important was that pregnancy loss was included. As someone who is both a trained Social Worker and Doula, I understand that loss and post partum symptoms are often two big “elephants in the room.”  Many are uncomfortable with discussing with them and if a mother experiences either (or both) she can be left feeling isolated and with no recourse.  One of the greatest way to overcome the stigma is to talk about these issuesthese births matter and mothers who experience post partum symptoms (baby blues, depression, etc.) are not alone and are STILL good mothers!I’ll stop there, before I get all the way up on my soapbox.

Long story short, I really love this book. My advanced copy didn’t include all of the pages and when I went to check amazon this morning the book is already SOLD OUT!!!

I’m going to purchase a Kindle copy for my personal use and will definitely be buying others to give away as gifts– it’s just THAT awesome!

I highly recommend that you add it to your collection if you’re in the market for this type of book.  It could also make a great gift for soon-to-be or future mothers in your life.

I’ve been getting lots of questions from folks about the process of becoming a doula and what my experience was.  I’m happy to share more about what my process what like, but that’s a topic for another post.

Stay tuned….

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