My Skin Care Scoop



Starting Review:

Y’all know I’m all about self-care, but I’ll be honest — I fell off on my daily routine during our travel and jet lag wasn’t my friend coming or going.

I’m went in for a “reset” a few weeks back and then started testing a few items at home. Up first was this SONIC ERASER Pro. It is described as a tool that can help improve the absorption of your daily skin care products.

I’d never used anything like it, but was interested in seeing if it helped my skin and improved the application of my skin care products as I prepared for a series of upcoming events.

The YouTube video I posted gives you more of an idea of how my experience went and how the tool works.

Watch “Sonic Eraser Pro Review” on YouTube


30 day review:

I’ve been using my Sonic Eraser Pro for the past month and I’d definitely say I’ve seen real results!

Last week, someone told me my skin looks like that of a newborn baby! The caught me completely off guard, but it’s clear that others can see my results!

I plan to share more details about the products I’ve been using and my skin care regimen in some future posts here on the blog!



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