Dinner Done Right

I love making dinner with my husband.  I’ve shared this in previous posts, but one of our biggest moves towards losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle was to make more of our meals at home.

This actually started while we were dating.  My husband, then boyfriend, would be quick to take me out to restaurants around the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina… until one day, I suggested we go get groceries and cook together instead– this girl was tired of eating out… and packing on the pounds…(Those love lbs., ain’t no joke!)

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Fran’s Favorites: Blueberry Coffee

One of my new favorites is this Wild Blueberry Coffee I found from Green Mountain Coffee Company. The coffee is Fair Trade Certified (TM) and is unlike any other coffee I’ve yet to taste.

I came across the flavor as a result of a free sample I received.  I have a Keurig and sign up for various freebies because K-cups can get EXPENSIVE.

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Travel Tips: Selecting Lightweight Luggage

I received this luggage set at a discounted price to review and it was just what I needed before my Matron of Honor duties kicked in. 

They came VERY well packaged. They were without a scratch and store just as easily.  


Only one of these bags was for me! 💐👰💖💗 I was soooooooooooooo excited and had my supplies reads ready to go! 

These 360° spinner wheels are THE BUSINESS. I’ve owned several sets with a similar design, but these are EXTRA lightweight. I mean, I can push my carry on with ONE FINGER. 👉

It just glides. I was so glad I had these before that trip. I was rolling solo, but the work was EASY.

The Lord will always give you what you need for the journey 🙌🙏☝💖

Product link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G80T1HS