A Fresh Bite


We have soooo much catching up to do. I know I’ve said that before, but it is coming and this post is the start of it.

Life in 2020 is so interesting.  Add to that being a new mommy and this “new normal” is anything BUT normal.  Still, in the midst of it all, I am working to really carve out time for myself and to return to some of the things I was most passionate about– like this blog, gardening and my random product reviews.

As you may have seen, PRODUCT REVIEWS ARE BACK!  YAY! (Book reviews are making a comeback too!) But, this also means that I am adding another responsibility to my already full plate.  I hope to take things up a notch and start doing more video reviews with better editing and more polished production—- and all that takes TIME.

I’d also like to do more, “Getting to know you” style posts/videos.  Some of you may know more about me than the average reader, but (believe it or not), I tend to keep a lot of my thoughts and opinions to myself.

Last, but not least, I LOVE FOOD!  So I’ll be sharing some of my meal ideas on my various social media pages.  Here’s a quick one that takes me back to my childhood in NC.  I LOVED having freshly cut tomatoes and cucumbers from my dad’s garden.  There is NOTHING like a vegetable fresh out of the garden.

My favorite thing to do with tomatoes and cucumbers is what I now know to be called a “quick pickling.”

This is where you take a cut cucumber and season it with salt and pepper and cover it with white vinegar.  You then let it sit for 2- 3 minutes and it’s ready to eat!

I love this method because the cucumber soaks long enough to take on the flavor of the vinegar and seasonings, but not so long that it becomes soggy.  In fact, it creates a very fresh bite!  Try it out and let me know what you think!


A light breakfast of Scrambled Eggs, Sauteed Eggplant and Quick Pickled Cucumbers and Tomatoes. 

One of THE BEST parts of gardening is enjoying your harvests!


Here’s a late post of yesterday’s lunch. Some freshly sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes on my new Clean Cut cutting board.


I really appreciated how lightweight and easy to clean this cutting board is.  I plan on packing it in my cargo box to have on hand at the community garden.

We grow everything organically in the garden, so it’s not uncommon to find us sampling some of our harvests right there in the garden. 

I have a travel mess kit with a small cutting board, but this is the perfect size and weight to keep in my car without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out https://www.walmart.com/…/Plastic-Cutting-Board-A…/198099414


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