Gourmet Living Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Product Review Video)

If there’s one thing we go through QUICKLY in my household it’s olive oil.

We use it for 99% of our cooking.

We learned some really interesting facts about olive oil during our time in Israel last year.

In the coming months, I’ll be reviewing a few a few more bottles of olive oil and sharing other tips for selection, usage and proper storage.

I’ve shared a bit of what we learned in my YouTube video, below:

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3 Tips for Embracing a Low-Carb Diet

The Story Behind This Post

Many people have asked me what I’ve done to lose the weight (and keep it off) this last go round.  I don’t have one simple answer, but I do know what I was doing that probably contributed to my weight gain.  

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Fran’s Fixings: Homemade Fries

I LOVE fries! I love potatoes, actually. All things potatoes…fried, boiled, baked.  I’m like the Bubba Gump of Potatoes!

I remember going home from college one weekend in the summer and getting some potatoes from Nick’s Pick Quick– THE main chain of convenience/gas stations in my hometown — only to hear my grandma say, “You know those potatoes go straight to your thighs.”

LOL.  Gotta love grandma’s. They hold no punches! 😀

But she was right.  Despite my love for potatoes, they are not friendly to my thighs, so when I do have them, I have to try to make them in the healthiest way possible.  That means minimal grease, fresh seasoning, and avoiding purchasing them from a drive through — In other words– MAKING THEM AT HOME.

French Fry Potato Cutter Review on FixItWithFran

We’ve been making lots of meals using Blue Apron recipes and both my husband and I are showing the results as far as weight loss is concerned (YAY #TeamBHenry). Having all of the necessary ingredients delivered to your front door gives you even more incentive to cook your own meal and it’s even better when you know that they are fresh and flavorful! 

It’s pretty easy to cut up a potato, but it’s even easier when you have a tool like the French Fry Potato Cutter with Suction Base.

The manual lever takes most of the effort out of cutting the potato and the suction base keeps the device stationary.

We now make our fries almost exclusively from fresh potatoes and have no regrets. That simple swap has saved us so many unnecessary calories and we can still enjoy having a meal of a burger and fries in the comfort of our home.  

For a recipe idea, check out one of our favorite Blue Apron recipes on My Fran’s Fixings Pinterest Board.

Until next time, Go Fix Something!