Eximius Power Stainless Steel Tumbler Review

This Eximius Power Stainless Steel Tumbler is my new favorite thing.

Eximius Power Stainless Steel Tumbler Review on FixitWithFran.com

Yeah, I know I say that about something different just about every week. That’s why “Fran’s Favorites” is its own hashtag.  It has become a thing.  😂 Really though. In all seriousness, THE BEST part of the tumbler is its design.

You’ve seen me review other tumblers and this one is no different– it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.  Here are two things that made this particular tumbler stand out from the rest:

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March 15, 2017 Verse of the Day 

This is one of my all-time favorite verses.

For me, it is such a true reminder of the faithfulness of the Lord. One that is worth confessing, OFTEN.

Despite our inconsistencies, HE remains CONSISTENT. His love NEVER fails,  His STRENGTH never waivers and He is our PRESENT help. BUT, it’s up to us to accept Him as our own.

Similarly, a house can belong to someone, but if the person never comes to take possession of it. It just sits there.

It is a shell of what it could be.

Have you ever noticed how an empty house will eventually cave in on itself?

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