Fix-It With Fran’s January Giveaway: Jesus Always Gift Bundle


The January Giveaway Contest is LIVE!  You can enter via the link below.  I will be going on Instagram and Facebook Live to share some additional details:

There are 2 primary entry actions:

  1. Sharing the above photo from the Facebook Fan Page
  2. Commenting on this Blog Post.

If you complete both of these actions, you unlock 10 additional entry options!!!!!

Check the link below for more information and Good luck!

 Fix-It With Fran’s January Giveaway: Jesus Always Gift Bundle

Selecting a Daily Devotional – 5 Things To Consider

If you’ve been connected to me via social media you’re well aware that I am a champion of daily devotional time.

Like many other things about me, I can also thank my mom for that.  She made sure that I knew how important it was to read a devotional that included both scripture and practical application –this application usually came by way of answering questions and/or meditating on scriptures from the daily reading or engaging a companion text or additional reading from the Bible.

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Book Review: Work PAUSE Thrive

work-pause-thrive-book-review-on-fixitwithfran-comThis book was so great to read.

The sociologist in me geeked out.

The professional that spent years doing strategic research felt like I’d found “my people.”

Am I a biased reviewer?  Maybe.

Is this a long post?  Definitely. (Much longer than most.)

But, it will let you know a good bit more about me and it’s probably opening me up to a whole new series of posts.

So, here we go!

This is my personal review of a book that will be released later this month.

I didn’t plan this in advance, but it’s perfect for today given that the Women’s March took place Washington, DC along with other solidarity marches across the country and around the world.

The text is by Lisen Stromberg and it is titled, Work PAUSE Thrive: How to Pause for Parenthood Without Killing Your Career

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Heaven on Earth

This song has been on my heart since I woke up at around 4:30 this morning.

So powerful!

I pray it lifts your spirit and encourages you this morning 💖

[Verse 1]

The spirit of the Lord is upon me
His anointing is empowering
The Kingdom of the Lord is within me
And He’s calling me to the heavenlies

Be seated in heavenly places
Just like Heaven, just like Heaven on Earth
To be walking in His favor and grace is
Just like Heaven, just like Heaven on Earth
Oh-oh-oh-oh Heaven, Heaven on Earth
Oh-oh-oh-oh Heaven

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