The Things I WishΒ 

I’ve mentioned this before, but the Lord often ministers to me through music.

This song was just on my heart so strong.

I can’t recall the first time that I heard it, but I do remember hearing it play as my mom and I were driving back home from what felt like my 100th college day trip to UNC. 😣

EVERYONE just KNEW that I should go to UNC. Everyone….except me.

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March 15, 2017 Verse of the DayΒ 

This is one of my all-time favorite verses.

For me, it is such a true reminder of the faithfulness of the Lord. One that is worth confessing, OFTEN.

Despite our inconsistencies, HE remains CONSISTENT. His love NEVER fails, Β His STRENGTH never waivers and He is our PRESENT help. BUT, it’s up to us to accept Him as our own.

Similarly, a house can belong to someone, but if the person never comes to take possession of it. It just sits there.

It is a shell of what it could be.

Have you ever noticed how an empty house will eventually cave in on itself?

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