This is Christmas!

I just love this time of year.

From celebrating our anniversary with my husboo, to decorating, wrapping gifts and family traditions (ESPECIALLY my grandmother’s homemade egg nog) I love EVERYTHING about this holiday season.

One tradition that I truly enjoy is volunteering during the holiday season. I got to do a bit this weekend and partnered my love for the holiday season with one of my recent activities, volunteering with the Master Gardeners of the Greater New Orleans area.

I became a Master Gardener earlier this year. I’ll share more about the program on the blog, but here are links to the local and national programs.

The event, Christkindl on Marias is an annual fundraiser for the 4-H Garden on Marais in New Orleans. The garden was lovely and I look forward to volunteering with the 4-H group next year.

I was too busy with the kiddos to take any photos, but here are a few that I took before leaving home:

I neglected to take photos at the event, but I volunteered with games for the attending youth, so I decided to be festive with my sweater and necklace. They were a big hit (and both product reviews! #FrugalFindsWithFran)

The sweater was surprisingly warm given the colder weather we’ve been having in New Orleans so I braved the elements without a coat, but I did add a red scarf into the mix!

I’m about to get back to cleaning and wrapping presents, which brings me to another holiday favorite. Christmas music! Here’s one of my all time favorites, by a Luther Vandross, This is Christmas.

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