Christmas Time is Here…

A late throwback Thursday post. I love Christmas! I’ll be reposting a few of my past posts with lots of Christmas tips & tricks!

Fix-It With Fran

I’m happy to be back home after spending most of the past week out of town.

One of the big things on my to-do list was to finish decorating our main Christmas tree.

We started a tradition of having a “Purple and Gold” themed tree a few years ago and I enjoy finding unique ways to add a few new ornaments to the tree each year.

This post features a few of the ornaments I added to our collection this year and some of my Christmas clearance & decorating tips.

Of all the ornaments I’ve purchased over the years, I was most impressed by these two from Matashi crystals.

In fact, the packaging was so nice, I included photos in this post. You can check them out below.  They would be perfect for gift giving and would equally impress any avid collector or general individual celebrating a special occasion around…

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