Weeding My Garden

Today would’ve been Grandpa Sterling’s 81st birthday.
I find myself thinking of him almost every day. So much recently that I’ve even started telling my husband, “I really miss Grandpa Sterling.”

“…In the brief time that I knew my husband’s grandfather, I felt that same love and encouragement and support from him. That’s the thing about love and true relationships and bonds. They BUILD you up. They help you to GROW beyond what you can comprehend. Even when there are rough patches, the LOVE ENDURES….”

Fix-It With Fran

This has been a hard, long, week. Filled with lots of emotional highs and lows. The biggest low being the loss of my husband’s grandfather.

I didn’t know him aslong as others were blessed to, but I got the chance to experience a grandfather as an adult and that in itself was a special gift from God.

He wasn’t just my husband’s grandfather. He was my Grandpa Sterling.

On a Road Trip with the Grandparents

Those who really know me know that my grandmothers meant the world to me. My dad’s mom passed away when I was in grade school. My mom’s mom passed when I was in undergrad (a year before I graduated).

Having a grandfather was a foreign experience for me. My dad’s dad passed away not long after I was born. I’m told I was the last grand-baby he held. I was named after he and my…

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