Test It Out Tuesday: Tide Clean Kit EZ Press Precision Dispensing System

I shared last week that I’d be trying out a new Tide product. Well, today’s the day!

It was really fun to unpack and I’m happy to share it with you all.

Just to be clear,  this isn’t a review that I was paid to do or that I was required to share, but I am including it on the blog for a few reasons:

  1. My personal testimony
  2. I really like the features

I shared this on my Instagram page, but the story leading up to this is one that really blew me away.

Tide Clean Kit EZ Press Precision Dispensing System Review by FixItFran

My (mini) Testimony

I know I say that all the time, but it is true. Every time I get something to review, I’m usually blown away by how “right on time” it is.

Before we left for Israel, I was doing laundry and working and heard a sudden “boom.” I came out to find my detergent dispenser on the ground, lid cracked and detergent EVERYWHERE. On the floor, on the door, on the machine, on the freezer, on the clothes that still needed to be washed, on some of the clothes that had already been washed and dried and that I was about to pack, on the freezer chest,  on the washer and dryer, EVEN ON THE CEILING.

I just stood there.

The dispenser was in the same place it had been in for years.  It rarely moved.  I stockpiled detergent in 2015 and hadn’t purchased any since. I was at a loss when it relocated itself to the floor.

I still had a days worth of work to do,  needed to pack for the trip and was fighting a stomach bug my loving husband passed on to me.

“Fran B.C” (That’s Before Christ… got that from my sister Brittany) would’ve paused to have a pity party. And by pity party,  I mean a full-out Woe is me, why God why?, Mariah- Carey-Butterfly-Album-Track-Number- Two- type BREAKDOWN.

But instead, I used the pending laundry to wipe up the spill, wet a swiffer and cleaned the ceiling as best I could, and thanked the Lord I had matured enough not to let the little things get me down. It was unfortunate, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

I thought about replacing the dispenser, but there was a good amount of detergent remaining and the jug was fine other than the broken cap, so I let it be.

The culprit (Posed for the photo)

Then, this new review item shows up. Talk about restoration! Not only does this replace my broken unit, IT’S BETTER than what I had!  🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

And I know that my God is bigger than stuff and things.  I will never limit how the Lord moves in my life to just material possessions, but I know God cares about the smallest desires of our hearts and if there’s anyone who knows how far I’ve come and how much progress my reaction and patience were truly displayed in this event–even in waiting to replace the broken item–God does.

Fix-it Fran’s Review

The Tide dispenser is pretty awesome.  It’s much smaller than the other tap style dispensers and I like that it came with an extra bottle of detergent.  You can really refill it with whatever detergent you like. (Which I plan to do!)

I was a little hesitant of the set-up at first. I was afraid that it would leak or not lock into place and spill all over the counter, but none of that happened.  (What a relief!!!).

By far, the nicest feature of this unit is the safety lock on the detergent.  I’ve included a close up of this feature in the final photo in this post. It takes a bit of effort to move (I had to use both hands), and I think this is the first time I’ve seen a saftey lock on any bottle of detergent.

Here are a few more photos:


Step-By-Step Assembly Directions


The base came pre-assembled. The cup was in place during shipment.  Rather impressive!


Two bottles of detergent were included.  Both were boxed individually and shrink-wrapped.


The orange piece slips out of the white base and clicks onto the opening of the detergent (The cap [seen in the previous photo] has to be removed– see next photo).


The dispenser has a safety lock. I don’t think I’ve seen this on any other detergent! (Notice the white cap in the background– that was on the detergent originally.) You use the clear measuring cup to add the detergent to your load of laundry!

I’ll let you know if my opinion of this changes as I continue using this.  So far, it’s a came changer and it’s much smaller than the old dispenser I was using.  No matter what, I’m grateful.  God sent me what I needed and it was RIGHT ON TIME!

Until next time, Go fix something! ❤

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