Watch “#PlantWatch – Weekly Gardening and Plant Shopping #HighlightReel #AfricanViolets #Amaryllis #Pothos” on YouTube

Good morning and HAPPY SATURDAY!

I am loving making these highlight reels.

This week’s highlights:

  • I put my African Violets on a new shelf in our kitchen, -Noticed some beautiful new growth on my Trebuii Midnight (#CostaFarms),
  • Put my newest orchid, ‘Earl’ (to me) and ‘Dark Man X’ (to my husband) in the window of our master bathroom [Along with my miniature Orchids and Hoya Ropes that have LOVED this spot — lots of bright, filtered light],
  • Browsed the plants at my local #WalMart (I didn’t purchase anything, but I was surprised by the reasonable price for rather large orchids (several sets of established leaves)),
  • Gawked over the nicely established roots on my #goldenpothos clippings,
  • Took in my FIRST EVER blooms of my ‘Picotee’ Amaryllis and new blooms on my ‘Red Lion’ Amaryllis,
  • Smiled at ‘Froggy’ aka my new dashboard friend and recent #DollarTree find. I LOVE her little life–Straight chilling and UNBOTHERED by the drama of life and this New Orleans traffic🤣😂 Best dollar I’ve spent in a while🥰 #itsthelittlethings,
  • Harvested more tomatoes and #FairytaleEggplants from my #AeroGardens, and
  • Celebrated the first blooms🤩 (since 2019) on this African Violet that I added to my initial houseplant collection in 2018. She’s been in bloom since February 😍🥰

I’m not sure if I’ll do any plant shopping today (Though, I hope to🙏🏾🌠🙏🏾✨).

What’s on your agenda for the day?

Do you have any questions about the plants I’ve shown here?

Let me know in the comments!

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