My Smile: A 60 Day Review

I don’t know about you, but if there’s anything I’ve been missing during this pandemic it’s MY DENTIST!!!

I really wasn’t expecting that, but omg, I miss just being able to schedule an appointment with my dentist for my biannual cleanings.

Thanks to covid-19 my cleaning schedule is completely off. I was feeling a bit blah and my teeth were not looking their best (at least not in my opinion), so I decided to try a new whitening kit.

My Smile is a whitening kit that I received to review. It included a deluxe dental grade teeth whitening gel pen with an LED light that safely and efficiently removes teeth stains from food, coffee, wine, soda, smoking and more.

Now, I will say– I probably should have done a video review of this item, but I’ve yet to delve into the time-lapse phase of this product reviewer life. So, still photos is what we’re working with (keeping it old school 🤣🤣🤣).

Me and Monica
My Smile Day 1 of Treatment

On day 1 there were no noticible changes. I did unbox the kit and take it all in. I’ve been using at home whitening kits since the Crest strips became popular and I do prefer the kits like “My Smile” over those flimsy strips.

Nice Packaging
Using the My Smile LED Light

I can also say that I didn’t experience any numbness or tingling or tooth sensitivity after using this kit at any point during my 60 day review. That has never been my experience with any whitening kit, but I have seen others make mention of this when having their teeth whitened, so I wanted to point that out. However, I will also note that I use Sensodyne (R) toothpaste regularly, so that could also be a factor.

My Smile: After 30 Days of Treatment

At this point, I’m starting to notice a difference and I’m really liking the results. I take selfies (actually “usies”) every morning with my little one, so I started to notice a difference in my smile and how white my teeth were appearing in photos. I’ve also been doing more YouTube videos and product review videos and noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my teeth when reviewing video footage.

My Smile: After 60 Days of Treatment

At the end of 60 days, I am thoroughly impressed. I just wasn’t expecting to see THIS MUCH of a difference.

It is even more significant in person.

I plan to continue using this particular brand for a while (at least until this kit runs out🤣)!

Have you ever used a whitening kit? What was your experience like? Please let me know in the comments!

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