Party Prep 101

I love the details of party planning, but what do you do when you have a tight timeline and little assistance for setup.  You follow my 3 steps to planning & executing a party:

  1. Know your theme
  2. Evaluate the size of your space and plan accordingly
  3. Be detailed without going overboard.

Everyone is different, but these are the rules that I tend to stick to.

I’m big on Pinterest, but I don’t let those themes go to my head.

I can usually come up with big ideas, but I am usually a one woman production when it comes to set-up and execution, so I have to stick with what’s realistic for me.  I already know that I’m going to be the mom that brings back the hot-dog and Cheetos type of party with a good old yellow sheet-cake!

(These themed one year old parties are cute…. but I’m not interested in having a wedding style party that my child may only remember from looking at pictures. No shade, that’s just me.  #Frugal)

Still, having a nice party or get-together is a great thing to do.  One way of accenting a space without spending a ton of money is to use effective lighting.  That’s where this DJ Party light comes in.

I received this item at a discounted price to review and I was super excited about the opportunities it presents for future events.  I would use this for a dance party, church sleep overs, or even for a Christmas Party (or outdoor Christmas lighting).

Here’s a video clip from my YouTube Channel (no sound).

You check out the item here on Amazon

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