Book Review: When God Made You

This book is such a sweet reminder.  I so clearly remember my mom having that photo with the saying, “I know I’m somebody ’cause God don’t make no junk!”

Bad grammar aside,  I SO needed that constant visual reminder as a child. It stayed with me ALL MY LIFE.

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Dinner Done Right

I love making dinner with my husband.  I’ve shared this in previous posts, but one of our biggest moves towards losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle was to make more of our meals at home.

This actually started while we were dating.  My husband, then boyfriend, would be quick to take me out to restaurants around the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina… until one day, I suggested we go get groceries and cook together instead– this girl was tired of eating out… and packing on the pounds…(Those love lbs., ain’t no joke!)

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