Water and Workouts Go Hand-in-hand 

What do you need after a good workout? 


I cut down our waste by using our fridge to bottle freshly filtered water in my tumblers and thermos bottles.

This #purelifefilter has NSF/ANSI 42 certificition and effectively reduces the chlorine taste and odor in tap water while preserving beneficial minerals.

These are a cinch to remove and re-install and are much cheaper to buy online versus in your local home improvement store. 

Check this link for more info –>  Pure Life Filter


Doing What I Hate…. Squats

Squats are my LEAST favorite exercise, but they’re necessary for training my legs and minimizing my bursitis symptoms. 

The #UltimateSquat is a great way to work out during the day.  Especially after a few hours of working on the computer.


The Ultimate Squat provides a full body workout with no weights required. You can challenge yourself in the comfort of your home and maintain perfect form by using your doorway as support and the set’s resistance bands for continued interval training. 

One of the best features of this set is that the resistance bands can be adjusted to complement each person’s individual fitness routine!

Head on over to my YouTube channel to see my video review of the set.