Quick Fix: Dimmable LED Bulbs

Hi Folks! 

Not too much going on over here.  

I’m trying to give myself some weeks of rest before working on a few major projects, so my posts may slow down a bit. In the meantime,  I’m back with another quick fix! 

I have several dimmable light fixtures in my living room and was seeking to replace several bulbs that had blown out.

Finding these in a multi-pack was such a win. They were packed well and survived shipment with no issue. These bulbs produce a much brighter, whiter light than the bulbs they replaced.

I have them all in dimmable light fixtures and they work well, but are not as dimmable as standard bulbs (their switch between “on” and “off” is much longer and the bulb goes from “bright” to “brighter”– not very dim at all).

Here’s a link to my YouTube review if you’d like to see them in action.