Ready. Chef. Go!

Wednesday’s are always busy in our home. I’m usually working and  running errands for the majority of the day, followed by recording my podcast, and the evening is typically occupied with Bible Study.

This makes my daily meal planning even more important!

I wrapped up today’s activity by prepping these Ready. Chef. Go! Microwave steaming bags for tomorrow’s dinner.

I LOVE steamed asparagus and I’ve found that microwaving asparagus provides the perfect amount of crisp for my desired tastes. 


Step 1: Trim the ends of the asparagus stems.


Step 2: Insert asparagus and your desired seasonings into the Ready! Chef! Go! Steam Envelope. I love lemon pepper asparagus, so I’ve added lemon slices and a savory seasoning blend.


Another close up.  This time with tabs of butter added.  Tomorrow, I’ll be microwaving these packets for 3 minutes each and serving them along with salmon filets.


Pictured above is a close up of the rear of the packet. For more info, check out the product website!

Sweet Sleep Relief


Mr Sandman has arrived!

I’ve been struggling to sleep due to travel and working from three different timezones. Needless to say, my circadian rhythm is completely thrown off.

I’ve tried various sleep aid supplements, but none worked well. This is a game changer. I took one last night after being up until 2 am and I cannot even remember when I fell asleep. I woke up 8 hours later and felt so rested.

The chewables are relatively small and easy to chew and dissolve without leaving any negative taste in my mouth. I am so happy to have found the solution to my sleep challenge issues.

FTC Disclaimer : I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion and unbiased review.

Classy Moscow Mule Cocktail Gift Set



Moscow Mule Mugs are all the rage right now, and with good reason. The proper preparation of the appropriate drink reaps significant benefits from the use of a copper mug.

The Classy Moscow Mule Cocktail Gift Set is the PERFECT gift for men. It comes boxed and ready for gift giving and has nice gift details while still maintaining a masculine feel.

You can check out more of the product specs here.

Stretching Into The New


I have to do stretching exercises daily, so I’m sure I was the perfect candidate to review this instructional DVD. I have a stretching strap that I purchased separately so I put the DVD in and got to work!

The DVD begins with an overview of how to use a stretching strap, which can be helpful if you’ve never done so before.  I used one during physical therapy, so I was very accustomed to the strap I purchased for my personal home use.

As shown in the photo of the rear cover, below, the DVD goes through a combination of seated, lying down, and standing stretching exercises that give you a great full body workout.  Most of what the routine covered were things I’d done with my therapist,  but some were new and useful.

One critique I do have is that I wish that the jacket included a breakdown of the DVD play menu. Instead, it included a sales brochure with other workout DVDs released by the company.  I think this was a missed opportunity on the production group. I love being able to see a quick menu card, even if it’s just printed on the DVD’s dust cover/case.


The full run time of the DVD is approximately 45 minutes. You could do the entire DVD in one sitting or break it up in segments to target select focus areas for a short, yet effective stretching workout.

There’s also a lesson in this example. Stretching into the new can be very,  very uncomfortable at times.  But with the discomfort comes a new strength.

Better yet, we learn to trust God in ways we may have never thought or attempted to trust Him before.  And we see that, with God,  patience and persistence, we can accomplish much more than we ever thought possible.

So ask yourself today– am I ready to stretch into the new?  What greatness am I denying myself by remaining in my comfort zone?

Stretch out! Do it bit by bit and trust God to guide you every inch of the way!

Invite Your Audience Carefully

Since beginning my podcast, I have had to think a good bit about “my audience” and how much I invite my readers and listeners into my life and world.

This past week, I went to complete my MSW Licensure paperwork and saw this poem posted on the wall of the DPS worker’s desk.  She’s a pro at people asking for copies and had one ready for me to take (Thanks Ms. Nancy!).  The author is unknown, but I wanted to share here on the blog.

If you’ve been reading or listening to me for any measure of time, you know how I feel about friendships and associations.  This hits the nail on the head.

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