Ready. Chef. Go!

Wednesday’s are always busy in our home. I’m usually working and  running errands for the majority of the day, followed by recording my podcast, and the evening is typically occupied with Bible Study.

This makes my daily meal planning even more important!

I wrapped up today’s activity by prepping these Ready. Chef. Go! Microwave steaming bags for tomorrow’s dinner.

I LOVE steamed asparagus and I’ve found that microwaving asparagus provides the perfect amount of crisp for my desired tastes. 


Step 1: Trim the ends of the asparagus stems.


Step 2: Insert asparagus and your desired seasonings into the Ready! Chef! Go! Steam Envelope. I love lemon pepper asparagus, so I’ve added lemon slices and a savory seasoning blend.


Another close up.  This time with tabs of butter added.  Tomorrow, I’ll be microwaving these packets for 3 minutes each and serving them along with salmon filets.


Pictured above is a close up of the rear of the packet. For more info, check out the product website!

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