HEALTH: Fighting the Flu at Home

When you work from home and your loved one begins to have flu-like symptoms for several days….. you pull out the heavy artillery!

I have to be very careful during cold and flu season because I fall into the “vulnerable population” that can experience more extreme complications due to my history of asthma and chronic bronchitis.

This has also given me a number of tips and tools that I use to avoid, mitigate, and treat any cold/flu symptoms I develop:

Lemon zinger tea in my new double glass coffee cup (sweetened with special blend of infused local honey)

💊Ester-C (I actually take this daily for immunity support

I’ve shared more tips for keeping yourself healthy while the flu is in your household in my most recent recording of Fix-It Friday on Facebook live. Here’s the full video on my YouTube channel:

My Cup

This cup is my new tea time accessory. It’s lightweight, heat-safe to 150,° double walled and cool to the touch (even when filled with piping hot tea), and it’s the perfect height for my Keurig brewer.

Cup Info:

***Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and these tips should not replace or supersede the advice of a nurse/pharmacist/physician should you or your loved one exhibit any flu-like symptoms***

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