My Day Off: DIY Furniture Done Right

The holidays have been so busy and, for me, that included family time, holiday gatherings, and travel.

After traveling to celebrate the New Year, I decided to take an extra day off just to give myself time to recover and get back to my routine at home.

Thankfully, I arrived home just in time to receive some packages of build your own furniture that I have been waiting on.

This ottoman is so awesome that I had to share it with you.

It literally took me about 15 minutes to unbox and assemble the ottoman that I think will be going in our guest room 🤔 but I’m waiting on my husband to co-sign its placement.

Photo from

I decided on this ottoman because I loved the design of the legs and the color as well as the metal nailhead trimming.

I was somewhat hesitant to order it because it did not have much internal storage (the storage depth is approximately 5 inches).

I’m so glad that I went ahead and ordered it anyway.

It’s amazing. Let me explain:

  1. It’s the PERFECT height (at a little under 2 feet high)!
  2. It can hold 330 lbs, a limit above my weight as well as my husband’s weight.
  3. It took me less than 15 minutes to put together with only 8 screws (and an allen wrench – which was INCLUDED)!

DIY ottoman

The Process:

Easy to assemble ottoman on

All of the pieces were tucked away inside.

For such a sturdy item, this was rather lightweight and easy for me to move on my own.

Ottoman on

I always recommend doing an inventory and reading over the instructions before you begin.

This is especially a priority for items you’ve ordered online (or had delivered).

If I start an assembly project and find any missing pieces, I immediately initiate a return or call my local store.

You do not want to begin assembling an item only to realize that the needed parts are missing. 😣🙊🙈🙉😣

Ottoman with strong legs on

(I also attached the crossbar, but forgot to take a photo… sorry!)

The ottoman found its final hone in our master bedroom.

I’m so pleased with the finished look.

Best Ottoman on

I’ve been wanting an ottoman in our master suite for over 5 years, but time and patience certainly paid off!

 easy to assemble Ottoman on

This was not a very intensive DIY, but I want to encourage you to find your own projects this year without fear of tackling them on your own.

I took on a minor risk, but there was great reward!

You can do it too!

Until next time, “Go fix something!” 😊


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