Watch “Travel Toiletry Bag Review (Product Review Video)” on YouTube


Keep your travel toiletries and accessories organized and protected inside your luggage.

I’ve been using this travel toiletry bag for my recent trips.

I often have to bring different medications and emergency supplies and always try to find efficient ways to store and pack these items.

In fact, I often keep a bag like this stocked during hurricane season and have it on standby in case any storm heads towards New Orleans.

This bag was very similar to others I’ve shared in the past, but one feature that caught me by surprise was the extra row of storage pockets along the wall of the interior pouch.

I’ve owned bags that had only one row of interior pockets and the two row option (along the back interior wall) allowed me to position smaller items and store things like makeup and sponges within close proximity to one another.

One downside is that this bag arrived with loose strings around one of the zippered pockets. It didn’t interrupt the function, but did make for a bit of a nuisance.

I really liked the size and storage this travel bag presented. You’ll see a ton of them in the video but what I also enjoyed is the dark color of this travel bag.

I’ve had lighter ones and noticed that they get stained or makeup rubs off on them and I like having this black option because it can hold up better to wear and tear and it’s easier to clean without showing any mess or stains from travel.

Check it out on Amazon: and play this review video for more details:


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