Saturday Solutions: Blanket Scarves– A Quick and Easy Fashion Fix

I don’t necessarily think that I’m the “most fashionable” person, but I fully believe in embracing your own personal style.

While finding those items that will complement your body type is important, I believe that what matters MOST is finding something to wear that makes you feel both confident AND comfortable.

My husband often laughs at me, because I will choose comfort over trends or style EVERY time. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t go out looking crazy– if being comfortable makes an outfit look foolish, I’ll change the entire ensemble.

I’m far past the days of “looking great” at the expense of spending the day/evening pulling, tugging, shifting and suffering physical discomfort just because of something I decided to wear.

It’s just not worth it.

Today’s fashion fix is my new blanket scarf!  It’s rarely cold in New Orleans, but this week we’ve had weather in the 50’s (It’s 58° as I’m writing this) so I FINALLY had the opportunity to wear some of the blanket scarves I’ve added to my collection.

I love scarves, it was actually around this time last year that I did one of my first official product review/giveaway for a custom made scarf that I received.

Despite my love for scarves, they can be itchy (especially wool scarves)  and I have sensitive skin, so I was a bit hesitant to order one online. I’m SO glad I didn’t pass this one up! It’s SO, SO SOOOOOOOO SOFT!

This is the third one that I’ve purchased. I love each one. They are awesome quality and there was no strange smell coming from any of the fabrics whenever my orders arrived. Best of all they are REALLY COZY!

I can’t say it enough– I’m SOOOO glad it’s finally cold here!

If you’re looking to try out the blanket scarf trend, this is a brand to check out. (I’ll add the link  [now updated #aff] soon and include it in my Fran’s Favorites section of the sidebar 😉).

In addition to the quality of the item, I love the classic look and feel of a blanket scarf. My personal style is more “timeless,” (at least that’s what my stitch fix stylist says 😂😂). I tend to lean towards classic pieces that will transition easily from one year to the next– a blanket scarf is JUST THAT.

And it’s multifunctional! You could use it as a scarf, a blanket for a picnic (LITERALLY–It’s THAT big), an office coverup, a living room throw… the list goes on and on!

Check it out and please let me know what you think.

I tied mine using the standard “bandana loop,” but there are actually a number of ways to style this sized scarf. This Pinterest board of mine has a slew of references you can use for inspiration!

Here are a few photos of how I styled myself today.  Yayyyyy for the weekend!

More Marriage Meditations

Throwback post from 2014.

…”Marriages CAN and DO work when God is in the midst and you’re REALLY committed to one another and the PROCESS….”

Fix-It With Fran

We attended a holiday party this week when another young couple asked us how we were enjoying married life after two years and when I responded, “I LOVE IT!” The couple said, “You’ve got to be kidding, most married couples hate each other after the second year.”

That made me really sad, but prayerful and thankful that Brandon does most of the things listed in this article without me ever having to ask. We’re definitely NOT perfect, but my prayer before getting married was that our relationship would be an example to this generation. Marriages CAN and DO work when God is in the midst and you’re REALLY committed to one another and the PROCESS.

YES, marriage is a PROCESS!

I think this generation has been disillusioned into believing that the best couples never disagree or butt heads or argue or feel disappointed by their spouse. Those things DO happen…

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Are Your Words Worth Hearing? 

I shared this as an Instagram post, but also wanted to post it on the blog.

Just some food for thought.

Much of my recent mediations have been about my words. What I choose to say and why and what it really says about where my heart is.

The original post and the photo that inspired it is included below.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments! 💖💖💖 – Fran

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Christmas Time is Here…

I’m happy to be back home after spending most of the past week out of town.

One of the big things on my to-do list was to finish decorating our main Christmas tree.

We started a tradition of having a “Purple and Gold” themed tree a few years ago and I enjoy finding unique ways to add a few new ornaments to the tree each year.

This post features a few of the ornaments I added to our collection this year and some of my Christmas clearance & decorating tips.

Of all the ornaments I’ve purchased over the years, I was most impressed by these two from Matashi crystals.

In fact, the packaging was so nice, I included photos in this post. You can check them out below.  They would be perfect for gift giving and would equally impress any avid collector or general individual celebrating a special occasion around the Christmas holiday (Wedding, anniversary, baby’s 1st Christmas, etc.).
I purchased their hanging icicle ornament and a butterfly ornament. Both are 24k gold plated and adorned with precision cut Matashi® crystals.

Crystal Studded Icicle Hanging Ornament by Matashi

Butterfly in a Hoop Ornament by Matashi

3 Christmas Clearance & Decorating Tips

1. Plan ahead: As I already mentioned, I  know we’re going to do a purple and gold tree each year. At the end of the Christmas holiday, I go to the stores and look for purple and gold ornaments that have been marked down to my liking– The lower the better!

2. Don’t be afraid to mix it up: I mix up old and new ornaments as well as high and low end.  I like the look of a full tree, so I’ll use some bold, “statement piece” type ornaments alongside cheaper, dollar store, ornaments.

3. Check thrift stores! When we started with our Purple and Gold theme, I struggled to find purple ornaments that I  liked. One day, I went by a Goodwill store in another part of town and LITERALLY found a gold basket filled with purple and gold ornaments. It was JUST what I needed and they were gorgeous! Always be mindful of the item quality and sanitation, but don’t overlook thrift stores!

The dark purple and gold and the gold star ornaments are from my Goodwill find!

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments.  I didn’t include product links in this initial post, but I’ll be adding them soon! (Post has been updated. Contains affiliated links.)

I have a few other ornaments that I’ll share later (to keep this post from getting any longer) and I’ll post a photo of the tree once it’s done!

If you’re up for more reading, here’s a link to one of my older posts with some step-by-step directions for making your own personalized ornaments!

Until next time, Happy Fixing! 😄