La Casa Del Playa – Carnival Cruise Excursion (VIP La Casa Beach Retreat – Adults Only)

I took this cruise with a girlfriend to celebrate our birthdays back in 2017.

The most recent review at the time was from 2015, but we jumped on this option as it was one of few (If not the only) excursions that offered an “adults only” option.

Jean and Claudia were my group’s hosts and they were completely focused on our excursion group from the moment they greeted us at the pier.

Chef J.C will cater to your tastebuds and leave you wanting more — ESPECIALLY his chips and salsa!

Fucado was our bartender and the drinks were SO smooth that I would have doubted their alcohol content had I not watched them be made with my own two eyes!

Erick was another great team member and he brought us towels and drinks within a moment’s request.

As Jean told us during his intriduction & description of the villa, it felt like we knew someone who knew someone in Cozumel that they asked to take care of us during our visit and that person was Jean (and crew).

If you are in Cozumel during the holiday season, top off your celebration with this outing — You won’t regret it.

In fact, I’ll be cruising with my husband for our anniversary in a few months and hope to go on this outing again. I can’t wait!

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