Vegan-ish Living

It’s Monday and that often means it’s Meatless Monday in the Henry Household.

These recipes make Vegan-ish Living a bit easier for a majority-meat-eating convert.

I say, Vegan-ish, because my meat eating husband is not about the idea of adopting a 100% vegan lifestyle….

I think it has something to do with him growing up in a mainly pescetarian home (His father only eats seafood)…

No one’s gonna tell him he can’t have beef/chicken/lamb now, although he’s amenable to “Meatless Mondays and entertaining my Vegan experiments (as long as he finds them palatable 🤣😂🤣).


Vegan desserts are a big win, because I’m a dessert lover and this helps us switch up our routine while enjoying some healthier dessert options.

I really like having kindle versions because I can take these with me while traveling or just download the kindle app and have all of my cookbooks with me at an instant.

I can make these recipes and so can my husband and I’m the more experienced cook out of the two of us, but he is very encouraged and this helps keep us on this style of eating.

I just wish that the e-version had more photos of the finished dishes.

Of the many included recipes, some of my favorites are:
– Vegan Carrot Cake
– Vegan Ice Cream
– Vegan Scones
– Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here’s my YouTube review of this author’s companion text:

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