Why Should You Send “Thank You” Cards?

When I think of writing thank you notes, I always think of my grandma’s words of wisdom…

“Give people flowers while they are living.”

My grandmother was also a prolific reader, so I know that she didn’t coin that phrase, but I also know that I learned it (and the depth of it’s meaning) from her.

In fact, the last birthday card that I ever gave her had a thank you note inside.

It read:

A Grandmother shows the love of the Lord to her family by giving so unconditionally.

Long ago you planted seeds of faith in the lives of our family.

Throughout your life, you watched them grow and flourish into a beautiful garden of God’s Love…

On your birthday I want you to know that my love for you and my trust in the Lord will continue to grow.

These gifts you’ve given me will bloom my whole life through.”

When you see/hear me talk about my grandmother and #FransSeedsOfFaith, I’m keeping that legacy alive.

I think about my grandmother every single day and I thank God for the wisdom she poured into my life –but, I can’t keep it to myself. I have to keep spreading those seeds so they can continue to grow.

Writing a thank you card is a simple act, but it can be a significant expression of your appreciation and help to confirm to someone that their thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed.

I especially like to let people know how they’ve been a blessing to me. Sometimes we are tempted to think that we can’t be used by God, when the reality is, our smallest acts are often the moments when God uses us MOST.

[I know there were many days that I prayed for something (be it big or small) and when someone became the answer to that prayer, I HAD to let them know.]

Don’t just thank God, thank them too. Help them understand what their actions/words meant to you. You’ll be a blessing to them too. #KeepItGoing

Thank You Cards

These cards are one sided, similar to a post card, but I’m almost tempted to write the note and laminate them as a bookmark keepsake. They’re just so pretty!

The set includes six different styled designs as well as blank envelopes for mailing.

When I saw these online, I thought the gold design would have more of a sheen (similar to gold foil), but the print is actually a matte finish.

Not a major disappointment, but definitely a bit different than how it appeared (however, this could be a result of my display settings 🤷🏾‍♀️).

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076MRNGZK

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