Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker (Product Review)


I am a music loving somebody.

Seriously, if you were to ask my husband he could attest to this.

I often wake up and begin playing music to start my day.

I play music in the shower.

I play music while I am working.

I play music during my workouts.

I even play music while preparing for bed and to help me fall asleep.

Music is just “my thing.”

I often travel with multiple pairs of headphones and travel speakers. I love it even more when I am in a hotel room that allows me to stream music or cast my music to a TV or Bluetooth device.

That being said, I was probably the perfect person to review this speaker and I am a fan.

It is small but mighty and it’s so lightweight!




I was impressed with the sound that came from the small body and it was still at a rather low volume when I turned the unit on.

Here’s a short video snippet from my YouTube channel **Language Warning**:

This is a song that I heard a while ago and instantly became a fan of. I am also one of those people that REALLY LISTENS to lyrics.

My husband often laughs and says I pay too much attention to lyrics, but be that as it may, this song stood out to me because this particular rapper goes on to say that he would give back all the gold and riches he has to see God and be in heaven and at peace.

He actually takes a really mature look at the general mindset that dominates society today, “gold, glitz, glamour, etc.” It’s really a good song, but you’ll miss it if you don’t listen to the words and the illustrations he uses.

Here’s a full video of the song:

As always, here is a link to the item if you’d like to purchase it or look at more of the product specs. (This is not a commission/affiliate link)

Product Link:


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