Marriage Meditations – Make it Easy

I didn’t plan to share another Ne-Yo song, but this was actually playing as I opened my mail this afternoon.

It’s one of my favorite songs.

I love it because it reminds me of those times when my husband has said those exact words to me, “You make it easy.”

I think that’s one of the highest compliments that one can receive in a marriage.

To have your spouse tell you that you make their life easier– That there are things they don’t worry about because you handle them well and, if there is ever a problem, you have their back and hold them down.

Make It EasyNe-Yo

Do you love me for me though?
The real me not my fly alter-ego
I know I’m never not fly
But if I ever was would you still ride?

If it’s early in the morning and my breath stink
Would you still roll over kissin’ on me like it ain’t?
If I didn’t have millions in the bank
I’m talkin’ cardboard box and a fish tank
Better yet a fish bowl
And if the fame got old
If the cameras didn’t flash when I walk through
If I wasn’t makin’ them bands when I walk through
Is it where I lost you?

Or is you holding me down?
You never let ’em bring me down
All the haters in the world right now
Would you add to the stress or would you make it easy?

For me to take it easy
That’s what I’m lookin’ for, baby let me know
Would you make it easy?…

But back to the mail, this ornament came today and I just love it. The 5th anniversary gift is traditionally wood, so I decided to order this custom ornament and it arrived today.

I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do, but I LOVE IT.

This really is my favorite time of year. Our tree is normally purple and gold, but our first anniversary ornament is also red…. maybe there’s a new tradition going here!

If I had to give a word of advice after 5 years of marriage, I’d suggest that all married couples have a playlist of music.

Songs that you both like, some songs that maybe only one of you like (but that makes you think of your spouse or memories you share) and that you play often. During road trips, around the house, on weekends, or for absolutely no particular reason at all. It could be as simple as the playlist from your wedding reception.

Maybe this just works for me, but music tends to lighten my mood and I especially play our playlist, which I named The Brancinia Soundtrack, on the challenging days and it helps me to think of those good times and get over whatever might have my feathers ruffled at the moment.

There are songs on that playlist that take me back to our first date, the first year we dated, our first anniversary, all the way to present day. We have lots of “inside jokes” and the songs on that playlist reflect that too.

Music is one of my “love languages” and my husband knows it. In fact, I speak in song lyrics. It’s rare that I have a convo with friends/ family without referencing a hook/tagline to a song.

The music probably won’t fix everything, but it may help to make things easier.

Never forget about having fun with each other. Dance through the craziness that is life and try to enjoy each other as much as possible.

One thought on “Marriage Meditations – Make it Easy

  1. fritzbarnes says:

    Someone recently asked me what I love about my wife, and I said, she makes everything better. Road trips, holidays,normal days, bad days, no matter what is going on, she makes it better…or at least, she doesn’t make it worse. She is a gift.

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