Unemployed, but Overjoyed

This time last year, I was unemployed.

I had been working a contract position and the position ended that February.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is still relevant now because this post will go into a bit more detail about the series of events¬†and some of the recent revelations I received during my meditation time today.

No matter what I talk about on this blog or any of my social media sites, I will always come back to sharing what the Lord has done for me.

When I was a little girl– I promised the Lord that if He would take my life and make it something different– something more than I could ever do on my own— I would let the world know what He’d done for me.

If you don’t remember any other thing about me, please know this– Every accomplishment, every good opportunity, every review (big or small), is God keeping His promises to me. I know that for a fact.

I do not take it  for granted and I believe with every fiber of my being that if God can do that for me, He can and will do it for you.

If you accept Him as Lord and Savior, if you purpose in your heart to trust Him, to build a relationship with HimРnot that you will be perfect ( I am most certainly NOT), but that you will continue to press towards  the mark to accomplish whatever purpose it is that God has placed you on this Earth forРI KNOW He is FAITHFUL to do just EVERY GOOD THING He has promised in His word.

Faith and Works?

When my previous job ended, I had no idea what I would be doing next. I knew what I was praying for and what I was believing God for, but nothing had come through yet.

Oddly enough, the hardest part of this transition was waiting to find out what I was “supposed to do next.”

I still remember feeling as if I was on the verge of tears on day while talking on the phone with my mom.

I wasn’t feeling that way¬†because I didn’t believe God– The Lord had come through TOO many times before in (what felt like) MUCH harder circumstances….


Working at my first job

I felt that way because I didn’t know how to “not work.” I’d been working since I was 15
years old. ¬†I asked my mom to take me to get a worker’s permit as soon as I turned 15. ¬†No one made me get a job– I wanted one.

After getting my worker’s permit, I got a job at my hometown Library and started saving¬†with a certain goal in mind. ¬†I later paid for all of my graduation materials (class ring, cap, gown, invitations, etc.) and college applications myself. That was just my nature and God truly blessed the work of my hands– When I finished high school in 2004, I received several scholarships including a full, 4-year, merit-based scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Some¬†15 years later and I was at a loss. ¬†For 15 consecutive years, I’d always left one job having another job already lined up (or knowing that I would intentionally be out of work for a pre-determined period of time (for school/to relocate, etc.). ¬†I was so accustomed to FAITH going hand in hand with WORKS.

I didn’t want to be lazy or look at God with the attitude,”OK, it’s all on you God –Make these ends meet.” It wasn’t that I counted on my “works,” but I was so accustomed to keeping my part of my promise to God– to “do my part.”

I started to become nervous. ¬†I was applying for things and nothing was coming through. I didn’t want to settle for less than what ¬†I was believing God for and I was desiring another “Work at Home” position. ¬†I knew I had to come up with a plan and still myself in it. So I dedicated my major activity to fellowshipping with God and entertained my idle time with product reviews.

I set a goal of applying for 3 jobs per day and the jobs had to be aligned with what I was believing God for. ¬†I kept believing that if my direction needed to change, God would make that clear in my prayer/study/worship time. Otherwise, I would, “Labor to Rest”….”

Labor To Rest

Thinking back on it now, I thank God for this opportunity to see FAITH operate when my only work was to LABOR TO REST.

I was SO HAPPY. I struggle to even explain the JOY I found during that period.


I never thought it possible to have NO JOB and this MUCH JOY!

I truly learned what it meant to TRUST in the Lord WITH ALL THINE HEART and to lean NOT to thine own understanding.

I STILL don’t understand the favor that’s on my life. The connections that God establishes and the doors that He opens, but I KNOW that He does it.

Through my Transition you Held my Position….

This is one song that stayed on repeat for me during my months of unemployment. ¬† It fully conveyed my heart’s cry. ¬†The song has always moved me, but one particular lyric brings me to tears now, “Through my transition you held my position…” ¬†Here’s why:
In the time that I was waiting to learn what I would be doing next, I applied for my Social Work License. None of my previous positions required licensure, but I decided to apply for my license in order to apply for positions that were more aligned with my heart’s passion. ¬†SOCIAL WORK.

My social work licence later qualified me for the job that I now have.

In fact, I am approaching my 1 year employment anniversary.

I KNOW God held this position for me.

I submitted my application in February.  I received a call for an initial interview in March and by the time I received an offer in April of 2016, my provisional licence had also been approved.  The licensing board only meets ONCE per MONTH. They LITERALLY met the Friday before I received my employment offer.  GOD. DID. THAT.

You cannot tell me what my God cannot do!!!!!!!!!!! He MOVES MOUNTAINS!

I’m praying that this (long) post will encourage you this evening. ¬†I don’t care what you are facing– I KNOW God can make way. ¬†I know Him to be a PROTECTOR, a PROVIDER, a HEALER, a WAY MAKER and MORE! ¬†If you’ll BELIEVE¬†Him. ¬†If you’ll TRUST Him. ¬†If you’ll align yourself with His word and be OBEDIENT– He KEEPS¬†his PROMISES!

Obedience is ALWAYS better than sacrifice. TRUST GOD and TAKE the leap.

You may be on the verge of the greatest chapter of your life!

What are you waiting for?

Donald Lawrence

Oh thou who knowest my beginning
Thou who created the plan
Who orchestrated my life’s journey
God, you are my god

God of decisions, creator of answers
Thou who ordained my way
Through my transition You held my position
God, you are my god

I will forever give you praise
Honor and celebrate your name
God of the past, present, and who is to come
Oh (god, you are my god)
forever give you praise
(Honor and) celebrate your name
(God of the) past, present, and who is to come
God, you are my god

Whatever you do with (me) it’s alright
(You have my total trust), you have my trust
(Glory and) honor, (dominion and) power
(God, you are my god

God, oh god
You are the only wise god

God, you are my god!

Scriptures for Additional Encouragement and Meditation

Psalm 27:1

Psalm 28:7

Proverbs 3:5-10

Ephesians 3:14-21

Isaiah 41:18

Isaiah 43:19

James 2:14-26

Hebrews 4:9-12

3 thoughts on “Unemployed, but Overjoyed

  1. I know that’s right! I appreciate your testimony and I have experienced the same.
    I was a victim of workplace bullying. I get along with everyone and I couldn’t understand how a 40 something year old could be bullied!
    I had to turn to God. I could leave the job but it might look bad. I asked God to show me the path. I would wait. The perfect next step showed up and I got the job at the interview.
    I am grateful for the bullying because it brought me to a point where I had to turn things over to God.

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