Presidents’ Day Product Giveaway!

Hello wonderful people!

I know this is long overdue, but I’m living life on life’s terms.

Seriously, the past week has been full of several unexpected illnesses and deaths and other random life events and the combination of all those things hit my spirit really hard.  I took some time to process everything and blogging was less of a priority.

But JOY comes in the morning!  And I am happy to be back with you with my first bright and sunny PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!!

I mentioned on my Facebook Fanpage that I had a custom circle scarf made by Suuchi.

First, let me tell you about the process of ordering the scarf. It was sooooooo simple!  I literally ordered it from my phone (and we all know that mobile sites can sometimes be a pain).  I opened the link, scrolled through the photo gallery of fabric swatches until I selected one I liked, entered my measurements (I had these readily available thanks to the tracking features on myfitnesspal!), added my coupon code, and proceeded to checkout.

Since I had a full discount code I paid nothing.  No shipping.  Nada.

It was a lovely experience.  The only thing better than receiving my beautiful scarf is this– I have a code that will grant the same experience to one lucky reader.  See below for details on how you can enter to win!

Suuchi Presidents’ Day Giveaway

Here are some shots of me in my scarf that you can entertain yourself with while you await news of the winner!  Thanks for stopping by!




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