Product Review: Animal Jigsaw Puzzles Early Educational Toys for Toddlers and Kids

I’m back with yet another puzzle review!

Thankfully, this is the last puzzle unboxing I’ll be doing for a little while.

I have really enjoyed going over these various puzzle sets.

One of the fun things about being a new mom (at least for me) is seeing your little one grow and develop new skills.

Our daughter is certainly at the stage where she’s exploring EVERYTHING and enjoying the intricate details of her toys.

It’s so much fun to just sit and watch her play! Here’s a short clip of her displaying her interest in an alphabet puzzle.

Given as only a 9 month old can. 🤣😆

Although it is a little advanced for her at this age, she was very excited about this puzzle set!

I would only use this for supervised play, but I am very excited about exposing her to more developmental toys and working those fine motor skills!

Here’s my YouTube unboxing video of another set we tried out:

I loved the colors and animals included in this set.

While they aren’t as detailed as the previous set I reviewed, I still appreciate the craftsmanship and look forward to using these for playtime with my daughter.

If you’d like to check out the sets for yourself, here are their links:

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