New SCENTsation


I’m amazed, excited, and grateful to have the opportunity to review a few diffuser necklaces.

I’ve often wondered how they work, if they’ll ruin my clothes and how long the scent will last.

Now I’ll get to try them out and share my thoughts. Even better, I can carry my oil close to my heart.

God is soooooo beyond good to me. No heart’s desire is too small.

The necklace was extremely easy to set up.

I’ve been wearing this one all day today and I really love it so far.

It was very easy to assemble and the pad fit right into place.

The scent of the oil was not offensive or annoying and I eventually got to a point where I didn’t notice it very much at all.

However, I could appreciate the aroma if I lifted the diffuser to my nose.

I’m not sure if that is a flaw of the oil I selected or the use of these particular absorbent pads, but I’ll continue to experiment with this.

Another plus is that there were no stains or drips of oil. In fact, I wore this for hours and my top was without blemish at the end of the day.

Here’s my YouTube video review:

Product Link:


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