Product Review: Inverted Travel Umbrella

This “go-go gadget” umbrella is a lifesaver for the rainy days that are often frequent in New Orleans!

 ☂️I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to test it out!  I’ve been using it for several weeks and have so many cool things to share:

 ☔First, the design of the umbrella is such that it closes in on itself, preventing it from dropping puddles of water on the floor. It’s perfect for running errands.

🌂In fact, we stopped for an impromptu day date the first day that I tried out the umbrella and, even though it was POURING rain in NOLA, not one drop fell on me as I closed my umbrella!

☔ Second, the umbrella came with a matching cover and carrying strap– making it even more convenient to carry while on the go. 

☔ Third, the umbrella is extremely sturdy, but very lightweight.  I carry this into the store, while going on walks, and even used this during my husband’s hospital stay.  It’s so much easier to carry than a traditional umbrella and provides much better protection from the elements!

Product Link:

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Here are some other details from the manufacturer: 

  1.  Fast Auto Close: Fast Auto Close with just one slight press of a button.
  2. C-shape Hand Grip: Allows you to hold the umbrella with your wrist — you can free your hands to use your cell phone, or even hold a baby.
  3. Dual Layer Design: Successfully prevent car seats from getting wet, or avoid making other passengers wet when standing close on the bus or subway.
  4. Reverse Opening and Folding Design: It opens and closes in a reverse way compared to common umbrellas, so that you will hardly get wet when you get in/out of a car.
  5. Stands Up On Its Own: Easy to place, it can stand up on its own when closed — saving much space for you.
  6. Water Repellent Fabric: Protects you from rain, strong wind, snow, drip permeation and ultraviolet light, etc.


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