REVIEW: Nursing Cover Baby Car Seat Canopy

In the coming months, I will be back to blogging and increasing my activity on my other site, Crowned at Birth Doula Services.

This is another area that is near and dear to my heart– to me it is both a service and its own form of ministry to work with families and partner with them to make every birth feel like a royal experience.

Now on to the actual review.

I always purchase gifts for expecting mothers or when I’ve been invited to a baby shower and nursing covers is a great item to have on standby.

Here are my pro’s and con’s for this Nursing/Carseat Cover:


  • Gender neutral
  • Several uses- great for both breastfed and bottle fed babies.
  • Soft material
  • Tapered design
  • Lightweight


  • Off-white color may contrast other striped items (if looking to coordinate/create a matching set)
  • White stripe may be prone to stains
  • Not offered in other colors
  • Rather narrow compared to other covers

My YouTube Video Review

Details From the Manufacturer:

🀰🏾Multi-Use Breastfeeding Cover for Every Mother

πŸš— A Modern and Fashionable Car Seat Canopy

πŸ›‘360Β° Protection from:
-Wind, rain, or bugs🌬 🌧🐝
-Nosy strangers 😣😲😡
-Germs πŸ€’πŸ˜·
-Airborn particles like dust and dirt πŸ’¨
-Bright lights πŸ’₯

The Kids Multi-Use Baby Car Seat Cover can be used to cover the car seat, shopping carts, high chairs, and shield mothers while nursing; plus so much more!

Package Contains:

1 * Nursing cover
1 * Striped bag
2 * Blue cotton bandana bibs

Product Link:

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