Doula Duty: Tips for Keeping Babies Cool and Comfortable in their Carseats

I mentiond in a previous post, that I’m now a Certified Doula.

From time to time, I may share some of my activities and exciting updates with you on this blog.

Slowly, but surely these baby product reviews are going to make their way over to @crowned_at_birth and will no longer be featured here.

Be sure to follow that profile if you’d like more tips & product recommendations 😉

Multi-Use 5 in 1 Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy

I’m a big fan of these covers.

Blankets tend to fall and are just harder to keep in place.

One of the simplest features of this cover is it’s ability to keep your child covered and shaded while allowing air to filter through.

Traditional blankets may trap in heat which can make your little one uncomfortable while outside or traveling in the car.

These also make great breastfeeding covers and are SO SOFT against your skin. 

This one came with a storage pouch and a pair of socks!

Here’s a link to the item that is featured in this post. Check it out if you’d like to read more….

Multi-Use 5 in 1 Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy:

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