Girls’ Night IN

I so enjoy spending time with friends.

There’s always so much to do in New Orleans, but there’s nothing wrong with a good old girls’ night in!

Yesterday, I was able to have breakfast with a friend who was in town for a conference and then wrapped up my day with a game night with my girlfriends.


Bible Taboo got HEATED! One of my friends got this candid shot of me clutching my pearls with the church fan going! 😂😂😂

We had a ball playing Bible Taboo and enjoying a few snacks.


What’s a game night without snacks?!?

This also provided me with an occasion to try out my Deluxe Bamboo Cheese and Cracker Serving Tray from House Vines!

I loved it!

Upon taking it out of the box, I was immediately impressed by the weight of the tray. It is SOLID and well constructed.

It also blended in beautifully with my other bamboo items and the included accessories were perfectly stored.

The groove is traditionally used to hold round crackers in place, but I decided to use it to keep the grapes from rolling around & falling off of the board. Here’s a photo from my table setup.

Today will be a day of rest, cleaning, and preparing for the week ahead.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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