No Outdoor Grill? No Problem!

I love grilling out, but sometimes inclement weather gets in the way and other times I just don’t want to go outside. I’m just being real– It is way too hot in New Orleans! 😂

In these instances, a well performing indoor grill would be a dream come true. But is the concept TOO GOOD to be true? I had to test it to find out.

Here is my full review:

The Product Features

The grill comes gift boxed and includes a limited 2 year warranty.

Once unboxed, the actual item measures 10 inches across and works on standard electric (but NOT glass top electric), gas, or propane stoves (My home stove uses natural gas).

When in use, the grill’s water-filled outer ring (pictured above) catches fat and juices during cooking, eliminating smoke and splattering.

The cooking surface is made of a high-quality aluminum material and is non-stick to ensures easy cleanup.

My Test Kitchen Review

I decided to use this grill to make chili-lime grilled shrimp with a habanero & honey glaze.

Here are a few step-by-step photos showing the indoor grill in action:

Getting started…

Turning over the first batch…

A close up of a few, freshly glazed shrimp kebabs…

This was a very simple dish. I paired the shrimp with garlic couscous, sweet yellow corn, and sweet peas.

Overall,  I really do like this indoor grill. It was extremely easy to set up and use and came out crystal clean after one dishwasher cycle.

If you’d like to see more physical details, head on over to my YouTube channel and watch my video review!