Book Review: After the Boxes are Unpacked

This text is so timely for me. Over the last 4 years,  I have done two moves, crossing multiple-states and each experience was so trying in its own way.

I now live in a new city and state, far away from many of my loved ones and family and friends. The experience was painful at times, but God has and continues to use it to produce good fruit in my life and the overall process of relocation and resettling helped me to mature significantly while focusing on God and my faith as the consistent thread of my life despite seasons of constant change and uncertainty.

I greatly appreciated the author’s take on moving, relocation and taking up residence in a new city while incorporating biblical principles and encouragement from the scriptures. Moreover, I truly valued these from the perspective of a new/young wife as this was the cause of my most recent (and prayerfully final) move.

I would recommend this text to anyone looking to find peace in the midst of the chaos that is moving. What I have also learned is this truth: After the boxes are unpacked, there is sometimes a feeling that something is “still missing” — despite our labor to have all of the curtains hung and every item in place.

There is a sense of place and belonging that God gives us through that quiet study time and reflection that we must always remember to carve out time for, DAILY. This book is a great tool to use during that time.  After the boxes are unpacked, rest, re-center, and seek God’s direction for this next chapter of your life.

I’m praying for you.

I received a free copy of this text this with the understanding that I would provide my honest review and unbiased opinion via a review that I would post to this site. I am very much dedicated to providing high quality, honest and thorough reviews and plan to update this post in the future if my continued use of this product causes my critique to change in any way.

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