Testimony Tuesday: I’m Walking

I just finished my morning mile and tears started streaming down my face.

Tears, because I realized that I was walking without pain and I remembered the many days that I dealt with chronic pain in my hip. Walking was painful, sitting was even more painful. Other than my husband, no one really knew just how much pain I was in. On top of that, I had several doctors tell me that I would always be in pain and their insistence made me believe that the pain was just a normal part of my life.

BUT GOD. I understand that there are many conditions in life that we must deal with, but I decided to cling to my faith. I prayed that God would do what ONLY he could do in the supernatural and that I would do my part in the natural. I spent the last year going to physical therapy, sometimes two and  three times a week. This month, my husband and I joined a new gym and have been consistently working out 4 to 5 times a week.

I may have slight pain some days, but it’s NOTHING compared to what it used to be. My therapists don’t understand it. My doctor initially thought I would need surgery, BUT GOD.

Last year, I posted a photo of my handicap placard. I got it in 2008 upon my until diagnosis. That was my registered placard, not my mom/dad/auntie/grandma’s. MINE. And I declared that this time next year I wouldn’t need it. I’m happy to report, not only do I NOT need the placard, I now park at the furthest parking space in most parking lots. God IS faithful!

I’m sharing this testimony this morning, praying that it encourages you to KEEP GOING! Believe God for his best for your life and refuse to settle for anything less.

Matthew 19:26 New Living Translation Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”



Walking: Mary Mary

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