5 Tips for Planning the PERFECT Bachelorette Party!

This time last year, I was working with my partner in crime to put the finishing touches on my BFFs bachelorette/wedding weekend. These cards just took my mind down memory lane.

Are you looking for perfect bachelorette party supplies?

Do you already have bachelorette party decorations but need to spice things up with something interesting?

You can make your party fun and unforgettable, discover funny stories and reveal hidden secrets by playing this game with your girlfriends at a party or any outing.

Fix-It Fran’s Bachelorette Party Planning Tips

  1. Plan in advance. My friend was engaged over the Christmas holiday and planned a wedding for that flowing April. We had 4 months — yes, 4 months to plan a wedding and our bachelorette events. You may have more time. You may have an even tighter window. Either way, planning as much as you can, in as far advance as you can will save you much headache and heartache. But (like always) take life on life’s terms and go with the flow.
  2. Commit to a theme. It may be a beach theme, champagne or pink, but choose one. That way you can plan and the other members of the bridal party can contribute ideas and/or supplies to bring the vision to life.
  3. Respect the Bride’s wishes. If the bride says, “No strippers.” That means, NO STRIPPERS. If she’s not a drinker or doesn’t like loud clubs, don’t try to convince her to go to a bar “this one time.
  4. Be Frugal, but Strategic! I like to keep my coins, but that doesn’t mean taking the cheap way out. Follow sales, use coupons and comparison shop! I made gift bags for everyone in the bridal party and we had a mix of items from the Express, Dollar Tree, Amazon, and Wal-Mart. We had snacks, supplies, a really cute cup (that I STILL use) and t-shirts for everyone
  5. Have fun! Be a good sport– It’s really about the bride and bonding before the big day, but your participation matters.

More details from the manufacturer:

Girls Card Drinking Game contains 36 “Drink if…” cards with questions ranging from casual to more risqué.

With 36 cards you get more options to choose which ones to play with.

Made from a premium heavy card stock our cards are small enough to fit into any purse or a pocket and will not affect your outfit decision.

Beautiful glamorous design and glossy finish make these cards stand out and look great at any Girl’s Night Out, Bachelorette, Birthday or Sorority party.

Fix-It Fran’s Final Review of the Girls Card Drinking Game

I’m glad to have a set of these cards for any upcoming wedding (if I’m privileged to be in the bridal party) or just a fun girls night at the house!

It’s a game for everyone– even if you don’t drink alcohol, you can play with a cup of water!

Not only did we have a ball during my friend’s bachelorette and wedding weekend, but I gained some new friends that have become integral parts of my life.

The game is short term, but those bonds are as real as you allow them to be. I’m grateful.

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0781ZTMBT

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